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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
Global Marketing Platform.

MetLife Global Marketing sites use Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as our Global Marketing Platform. AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) is a content management system and web application that exists for deploying a responsive website quickly.

The MetLife AEM Reference Site aims to provide more advanced marketing capabilities that will better enable markets to reach their strategic goals while presenting a unified global brand experience.

There are dozens of preconfigured templates and components that leverage the MetLife global user experience and brand design. In using AEM, you will be able to focus on creating engaging content, with a plug-and-play site design.

The MetLife AEM Reference Site is your turn-key entry into the MetLife global network of digital properties.

AEM introduction

What are MetLife components?

Display a standalone image on a page.

Components are modular units used to realize specific functionality and business objectives. They allow you to present content that is formatted and rendered on our global marketing site. Out of the box, on brand and re-usable.

There are two types of MetLife Branded AEM components available; Embedded Components & Standalone components.

Embedded Components: Embedded components are only available to specific templates to serve the specific content elements and content structure such as navigation and hero components per template.

Standalone Components: Standalone components are the content elements that form your marketing and corporate page, such as a promo banner, product tiles, product card, value props, RTF (rich text components), media (image and video), tables, etc. These components are available in the Sidekick.