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MetLife Design System 2.0


Our logo represents the partnership between MetLife and our customers. This guideline shows how to use our primary logo, logo reproductions and exceptions for different channels.

Primary Logo

Reflecting our role as our customers' trusted partner, our new symbol comprises two simple shapes that come together to create an “M.” The blue color ties back to our brand heritage, while the vibrant green; new to our color palette, represents growth and vitality. Our symbol and our wordmark need to always appear together to form our logo.

Whenever possible, always reproduce our logo in full color on a white background.

Sample twitter logo

Logo Digital Versions



Our primary logo is full-color on a white background.



Our reversed logo is white text, primarily on a black background, and used only when an application on white is not an option.

Logo Exception on Social Media

A special stacked version for our logo has been created as an exception for use on social media to allow our brand to stand out. Stacked versions of dual language logos are available.

Our Partnership "M" symbol may be used as favicon on our websites. This is the only time our symbol should appear without our logotype.

Sample twitter logo
Sample facebook logo

Download MetLife Logos

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