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MetLife Design System 2.0

UX Foundations

Creating a good UX is about caring for the end user and an organizational culture that supports it.

Design Principles

MetLife has five principles that drive our Customer Experience

MetLife's five key principles are based on our customer insights, detailed competitive review, learnings from experience leaders, and analysis of MetLife’s core strengths. They guide how we create truly remarkable and enduring customer experiences.

Make it effortless for me

We free up your time and mental workload with experiences that are simple, clear, intuitive, and seamless

Be transparent with me

We openly share relevant information on products, costs, and processes so you always know what to expect

Grow with me

We stay ahead of changes in your life and world to ensure you feel prepared

Help me in unexpected ways

We generously support you every day, even beyond what you think is possible

Empower my progress

We inspire you to achieve more in life and work to make it happen


Putting the user’s needs first requires an organization to make a cultural shift in thinking. Our UX Playbook can help your team make this shift. In it you’ll find:

  • • Terminology to help your team find a common language
  • • Strategies to help stakeholders, UX practitioners and technology partners work together to meet common goals
  • • Tactics to help you better understand your user(s) expectations and behaviors

UX Playbooks
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CX Playbooks
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